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How often should we change the wiper blades

How long do the wiper blades last?

The usual lifespan of wiper blades is about six months to a maximum one year. The main part of wipers is made out of a rubber that is exposed to different weather’s conditions causing them to dry and crack.

First main factor – the weather

The weather is the most important aspect having an impact on the wiper’s lifespan. In hot and sunny climates, dry heat and ultraviolet radiation can break down the rubber blades. On the other hand, cold and icy weather cause wipers to stick to car’s windscreen so it’s easy to damage them while loosening from the glass. So how long your wipers will last depend mainly where you live, it is a decisive circumstance for having to change your blades more frequently. But if you live in England you perfectly know that British weather, even though is not very hot or extremely cold, definitely makes your car’s wipers work a lot all year around. For that reason, you need to check them on a regular basis to make sure that they are still in a perfect condition.

Second important factor – the quality

The durability of your wipers depends also on the brand. There are a very good wiper’s brands on the market, but there are also some not recommendable as the wipers may not work properly or get damaged very quickly. It’s impossible to safely operate a vehicle if you can’t see the road absolutely clearly. So, to be sure that you are really taking care of your safety it’s advisable to choose the good quality wipers as it’s crucial to be able to see the road the best as possible when you’re driving. HEYNER® is German brand that cares the most about quality so our wiper blades are very high-quality products. They are made of high-quality rubber that gives a long life to the wipers and accurate wiping in both ways. They’ve been successfully tested with 1500 000 movements.

How to make your windscreen wipers last longer in your car?

The simplest and the most important way to prevent your wipers from quick damaging is to clean them on a regular basis. How should we do it? We need a clean wet cloth. It should be wetted with water or window cleaning solution. Then gently keep wiping back and forth across the scraping edge of your wipers until you feel you’ve smoothed out the edge. The other ways to protect your wiper blades is lifting them when it snows, parking your car in the shade, not using wipers on a dry windscreen and the very important one – keeping your windshield clean.


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