What is the "life sector" safety distance between child car seat and front seats?

The thing that is commonly missed when placing your child in the front facing car seat – the distance between the child seat and the front seat

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What baby car seat should I buy? Convertible child car seat vs capsule

What baby car seat should I buy? Convertible child car seat vs capsule

It seems to be quite simple if it goes about choosing the car seat for newborns but there are different types of baby car seats available on the market.

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Fitting instruction for locking wheel nuts

How do Locking Wheel Nuts work?

Instead of a standard bolt that can be removed by any shop purchased tool, the wheel locks are only able to be taken off with a specific key.  Each key is uniquely coded so it’s not possible for someone to use a key from a different set of nuts to remove your wheels once you’ve protected them with a set of these bolts. Wheel locking nuts are relatively the cheapest way to protect your expensive alloy wheels from being stolen or damaged.

How to install Locking Wheel Nuts on your wheels?

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How often should we change the wiper blades

How long do the wiper blades last?

The usual lifespan of wiper blades is about six months to a maximum one year. The main part of wipers is made out of a rubber that is exposed to different weather’s conditions causing them to dry and crack.

First main factor – the weather

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How often should we replace wiper blades

How often should we replace wiper blades?

Wiper blades are a relevant part of each car. They are there to provide good visibility which is crucial for our safety while driving. Wipers do a really great job – remove rain, snow, ice, and dirt from the windscreen of our cars. This is why having well-working wipers is so decisive for

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Meet us on Automechanika in Birmingham 6-8 June 2017

Next great show!!! HEYNER Germany will take a part in the World’s leading trade fair for the automotive industry – AUTOMECHANIKA again this year.The fair will take place from 6-8 June 2017.

Come and visit us on stand 17A30.


NEW HEYNER SUPER FLAT Premium wiper blades

HEYNER® extends the wiper blade assortment.

The new SUPER FLAT PREMIUM wiper blade is released in 14 sizes with well-known excellent quality. This is the first HEYNER® wiper blade in blister packaging.

Necessary adaptors for all wiper arms are included in the packaging.

The wiper is manufactured in nano graphite coating technology that guarantees extreme durability of the rubber.

Excellent wiping results guaranteed!

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